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- The Ego Is Not the Enemy, by Albert Clayton Gaulden (1/07)
- Remembering the Light ~ The Path of the White Mesa, by Mary Anne Flanagan (10/06)
- The Spiritual by the Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull (1/06)
- Once Upon A Book (or: A Lesson For Today) by Marcel Duclos (9/05)
- Peacemaking From The Inside Out, by Jill Dahlquist (7/05)
- A Psychotherapist’s Disqualification: A Meditation on Malignant Trauma, by Marcel Duclos (7/05)
- A Meditation on Hospitality and Interior Decorating, by Marcel Duclos (5/05)
- Zen Lite, by Tim Baehr (5/05)
- A Feng Shui Journey to Self-Transformation, by Aroon Ajmera (5/05)
- Spirituality without God An essay by Randy Best (6/04)
- Passion, Choice and Betrayal: musings of a Roman Catholic heretic by Marcel A. Duclos (4/04)
- Where are we from? Thoughts about "who made us" by Dominick Romano (4/04)
- On initiation A process of entry into the adult world, by Alex Stark (3/04)
- The Lesson of the Rose A flower as a spiritual teacher by Bill Levine (2/04)
- Reflections on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice by Judith Becker Greenwald, MSW, CSW (2/04)
- Ashoka's choice, Our choice The choice we all face by Richard Reoch (01/04)
- The Bodhisattva’s Prayer: “May this Suffering Awaken Compassion” by Tara Brach, Ph.D. (12/03)
- Living Shamanism by Joe Monkman (12/03)
- A spiritual journey – Part 3 by Dominick Romano (10/03)
- A spiritual journey – Part 2 by Dominick Romano (9/03)
- A spiritual journey – Part 1 by Dominick Romano (8/03)
- On gratitude by Alex Stark (7/03)
- "I" and "we" by Jan Carlsson-Bull (4/03)



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