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Poetry special issue, November 2007

Edited by Leisha Douglas





First, a table of contents.

Below that, an introduction to this special issue and its theme, "Pilgrimage".

- Zazen on Sunday, by Pamela Hart(11/07)
- In Montana (July 2005), by Alison Carb-Sussman (11/07)
- The Inner Place of Finding You, by Jennifer Wallace (11/07)
- Readiness, by Jennifer Wallace (11/07)
- Morning Path (Wednesday), by Mary Schanuel (11/07)
- Morning Path (Thursday), by Mary Schanuel (11/07)
- When Time Comes, by Marcel Duclos (11/07)
- The Dreaming Sufis, by Gail Janezich (11/07)
- The Red West, by Gail Janezich (11/07)
- Not If, by Michael Howley (11/07)

The theme of pilgrimage was chosen in conjunction with what I experience as the journal’s mission and its personal yet spiritually oriented flavor. At the time, I was unaware that the issue would be published in November. Carl Jung might view this coincidence as synchronicity in action!

In any case, a pilgrimage differs from a vacation or an adventure because of the tenor of the sacred which makes the experience transformative for the pilgrim. The dictionary defines it as “any long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.”

These poems embody the aspects of pilgrimage; the heightened state of awareness and sensitivity, how the familiar is pared down to the essential and/or becomes magical, the intuitive “readiness”  we feel prior to embarkation on some kind of transformative journey and the longing felt for meaningful, transcendent union.

Leisha Douglas, guest editor for the Poetry issue.



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