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Zazen on Sunday


by Pamela Hart




Summer air fills
the room with night 

the oak floor is emptied
of the din of table and couch

then clack of block
I soften cheek and mouth

across the hum of thought
hear the rustle of folding

robes and the whirr of the fan
the vocable of words murmuring

along the ladder of my ribs

the story crowding the room




Pamela Hart, a former journalist, is a poet and teaching artist. She leads workshops at the Katonah Museum of Art and is collaborating with the museum in its visual literacy program. Her chapbook, The End of the Body, was published last year by Toadlily Press as part of its Quartet Series. Her work has appeared in Kalliope, Rattapallax, BIGCITYLIT.COM and Lumina. It can also be found on the web at Check out her blog, A Walk around the Lake.






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