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- A (visual) poem not dedicated to Robert Rauschenberg, by Sandy Kinnee (1/08)
- Paper, Rock & Scissors, a story by Sandy Kinnee (10/07)
- Drawing Inside the Box, a story by Sandy Kinnee (7/07)
- The Telstar Effect, by Sandy Kinnee (4/07)
- Drawing Flies, by Sandy Kinnee (1/07)
- The Color Kittens, The Next Generation, by Sandy Kinnee (4/06)
- What is creativity? by Joelle Deroy (1/06)
- Loving Colors, by Sandy Kinnee (1/06)
- Placing Dark Orange On The Color Wheel, by Sandy Kinnee (11/05)
- The closet of my youth, by Susann Huot (11/05)
- A Tumbling Necklace, Spilled Coffee, and Green Versus Purple, by Sandy Kinnee (5/05)
- Homemade Cave Art A story by Sandy Kinnee (5/04)
- What Photography Is To Me: Some of my associations By Jasenn Zaejian, Ph.D. (5/04)
- While my feet were on this planet: To sleep or to write by Sandy Kinnee (2/04)
- The Three A primordial story by Stephen McMath (01/04)
- Acidic recipes About lithography and good food by Sandy Kinnee (9/03)
- Art DNA: Pollock's extra drips by Sandy Kinnee (4/03)
- Beadman's work by Sandy Kinnee(3/03)



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