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LifeSherpa's contributors are guides that help people scale the mountains of life: artists, educators, therapists, healers or coaches for mind, body & spirit... They take different paths, but they all view their quest for meaning and purpose as a creative process.



LifeSherpa® magazine archives


For five years, from February 2003 through the January-March 2008 issue, LifeSherpa was "the online magazine about life as a creative process". All back issues of the magazine are available online, here. This includes fiction, poetry, artwork, as well as essays on politics, spirituality, etc.

How to navigate these archives:

Articles are stored in relevant categories. You can access articles from old issues in two different ways:
- from the list of "previous issues": see "Cover Pages" in right-hand column;
- within each category: see "Topics & Categories" in right-hand column.

For each article, there's a brief bio of the author at the end of the article.

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